The new bike is here! On-One Pompino

So it appears that I have been a good boy this year and Satan got me a new bike for Christmas/New Year!

It’s a fixed gear bike, which has always been something that I’ve been intrigued by. Over time I have heard various opinions, the full spectrum from “fixies are lethal” to “fixies are the best thing since sliced bread, and also the safest possible type of bike”. I’m not sure why people believe that sliced bread is that a great a thing, but that’s a tangent, for another day. In the meantime I have taken the advice of an experienced cyclist I know as well as Sheldon and decided that I would get a bike that is fixed, but with the option of a flip-flop hub should this be necessary.

Now, the bike in question is a On-One Pompino fixed that I got from Planet X. I originally hit the “buy it now” button on a custom clearance Pompino from the Planet X eBay store. It was a bargain price, and this was the main reason I went for it despite some drawbacks, namely the size was a medium, which is a tad small for me, and the rims were aero rims (we’re talking very deep, around 40mm at least) – which I really do not like. Through no fault of their own, Planet X sold the bike to someone else in the time between me comitting to buy the bike and paying for it (yes – I took my time). Credit to them for offering me a brand new Pompino in Large (which I prefer) – obviously for the same price. Happy New Year indeed!

The bike arrived by courier on Friday (Jan 3) and I spent a bit of time over the weekend “pimping it out”. I’m sure I’m using that phrase inappropriately, but I just don’t care 😛 Either way, the bike is now fitted with full length SKS Chromoplastic mudguards, a Topeak Super Tourist DX rack, an Ortlieb QL3 bag mounting kit, and Cateye mounting brackets so that I can use my Cateye lights.

Enough rambling, here are some pictures!

On-One Pompino Large White

First look at the On-One Pompino

The SKS mudguards were taken from a bike which originally had them but they were never used. The front mudguard was badly warped and so I had to cut the worst section off – and the upside is that (in my eyes at least) it’s aesthetically more pleasing than it was before:

Pompino front wheel

Pompino front wheel, Tektro canti brake and SKS mudguard

This Pompino build features the On-One midge handlebar which is reasonably unique in its shape. On paper it sounds much better than traditional handlebars, but only time will tell.

It’s fitted with brakes front and rear (as a matter of course) as well as my usual set up of full length mudguards and my favourite pannier rack:

Pompino rear wheel and topeak rack

Pompino rear wheel, mudguard and Topeak rack

That saddle is unlikely to stay on the bike for too long, we’ll see if I can find something suitable in the stable. Enough rambling, this has been the first look at the bike, the maiden voyage is tomorrow and I shall update the blog as soon as I’ve had a bit of time on the saddle. I’m off to bed 🙂